About US

This magazine is for and made by, creative people, who have positive vibes and no limitations.

There are so many undiscovered and extremely talented artists out there.  I hope to connect with them through the magazine, by showcasing their work and giving our readers some insight into who they are.

I find social media can be used in a positive way and can be a driver for negativity. So, I'm using my good energy to spread positivity and encouragement to everyone who engages with our site and social platforms.

I love being creative, I deeply enjoy helping people to achieve what they want and bringing the best out of them.

So with that said we will feature many talented photographers from across the globe, every month, who have taken a moment out of their busy schedule, to share some of their work and give you a snapshot into who they are.

You may ask why I am doing this and I can't give you a definitive enough answer as of yet. I feel it may be a calling or something I know I’m meant to do and it feels great to connect and experience this with you all.

This is but the beginning of a beautiful journey together,

All the best

Henry Coleman

Creator & Editor